RAW Artists Miami


Yesterday, the most remarkable thing happened to me.

Several years of working, dreaming and risk-taking has led to this point. I am happy to announce that RAW Artists has adopted me into the Miami branch of their family. This means that on July 24th, I will be showcasing my talents alongside Shop Veralu, a collaboration that I am VERY excited about. To see my RAW profile and purchase tickets to the event under my guest list, either click the banner above or click here.

Meet The Artist

I love makeup. I love art. I am a makeup artist. Plain and simple.

So, instead of sitting on my hands, I decided to take the flying leap into beauty school and freelance work. Ultimately, my goal is to change the face of the beauty industry (pun intended).

And THAT is what this blog is about. Follow me as I start my journey into the beauty world, one step at a time.